Enjoy Your Indoor Cycling Sessions More!

Time will fly by when you use our Indoor Cycling Scenery DVDs! You'll enjoy the time spent exercising more than ever before.

Our American Virtual Travel DVDs will allow you to exercise while experiencing the United States in a way not possible with traditional travel videos.

Customers tell us over and over that our Exercise Scenery DVDs make the time spent exercising pass quickly, enabling them to exercise longer that usual, lose weight, and stay fit! Over 75% of our customers return to purchase more of our Cycling Scenery DVDs!

And, no matter which version of an indoor exercise bike you use, upright or recumbent, with our American Bike Scenery DVDs, there is no chance of being hit by a car, chased by a dog, or caught in a sudden downpour!

VITA Digital Productions specializes in traveling the world to film Exercise Cycling Scenery DVDs for all types of Exercise Bikes, both upright and recumbent. We've already filmed Bike Scenery DVDs in Maine, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, and we are currently filming more in small Southern towns and National Parks. And in Ireland and Scotland, we filmed 6 more Bike Scenery DVDs. Several of those DVDs are available now - and more are coming - check our DVD Catalog periodically to see what's new.

Our Mission is to make Exercising Fun!

Our DVD Catalog and Prices…

Currently For Sale:

Currently, we have two American Bike Scenery DVDs available: Maine's Mount Desert Island Bike Ride and The Hollywood Hills Bike Ride.

"Maine's Mt. Desert Island Bike Ride DVD" was filmed in Acadia National Park, one of the most scenic National Parks on the east coast. You'll begin your 1 hour virtual bike ride at the very peak of Cadillac Mountain and wind your way down the twisting and turning road before joining the park's 26 mile Loop Road. The scenic road passes through varied terrain and vegetation, sometimes following Maine's rocky coastline, sometimes through the forest, sometimes beside a crystal clear lake - but always changing scenery.

Filmed at an average speed of 12 miles per hour with professional high definition television cameras, this DVD will take you through all parts of Acadia National Park during your 60 minute virtual bicycle ride. Designed to take the boredom out of exercising on an upright bicycle, recumbent or spinner, this DVD has constantly changing scenery to make the time you spend exercising fly by!

And remember, no matter what the outside weather, you can always exercise in Maine!

The second in our new series of Virtual Bike Ride DVDs has a 60 minute widescreen virtual ride through the Hollywood Hills in California. Filmed at speeds of 10 to 20 mph, it's the perfect accessory for your exercise bike or spinner. Just place it in a DVD player, and mount your exercise bike or recumbent bike, and instantly you will be traveling at 10 to 20 mph through one of the most beautiful areas of Hollywood! You'll twist and turn through the narrow streets past some of the most spectacular real estate in Hollywood. Filmed in Widescreen, this DVD will take you past beautiful scenery, dramatic architecture, and breathtaking views.

The 60 minute virtual bike ride is accompanied by the natural sounds just as they were recorded in Stereo in California.

Remember, we also have Indoor Cycling Scenery DVDs filmed in Ireland, Scotland and other European locales and we're adding more DVDs monthly! Check our DVD Catalog frequently to see what's new.

Our DVD Catalog and Prices…

Customers Love Our Virtual Experience DVDs

Actual Customer Emails:

"Your DVDs are a good stress reliever for me to "get to another place" visually. . .and such lovely scenery!! Thanks so much for your quality work. Greatly appreciated, and I (in turn) tell others about you. I have all the English and Italian DVDs now. . .and am working on others. Anita"

"We loved our two we just received last week and are ordering more! Polly"

"I am so hooked, your DVD's are wonderful. I want to order 4 more. Shelley"

"I want to let you know how much my mom absolutely loves the Cotswolds DVDs I purchased from you for her Christmas gift. She said watching the DVDs is like a delicious treat to savour. I am so pleased this unusual present was so well received. Thank you for your helpful and personal service. Dianne"

"Your English Countryside and London Waterways DVDs are great. Find bits and pieces of scenery in each new viewing. Exercise sessions pass by before you know it. Nice camera work, feels as if you’re walking along the roads and paths. Mark"

"Just wanted to let you know I just gave my mom the DVD's for her birthday on Friday. They are a HUGE hit!! Not just with her but with everyone we tell!! I put one onto our 52" and chuckled at all the guests standing there with their jaws dropped!!! It is such an amazing concept that everyone wants them!! Lucille"

"I already have all the DVDs that you currently offer! I am anxiously waiting for new ones. I love your DVDs, they are the best! Is there a way you could perhaps e-mail me when the new ones come out? I will bookmark your site. Thanks Again, Virginia"

"Yesterday we received all three DVD's. It's for my wife and she loves the Cotswold's. Immediately she watched all three DVD's. You're right the Cotswold's are enchanting. The DVD's are fantastic. Your collection is the best we could find on the Cotswold's. Once again thank you ever so much for the DVD's. All the best! Francis"

"Thank you very much! We already have all the other walks that you have produced and enjoy them immensely. We will definitely enjoy these, and look forward to your new ones. You must have a great time filming them! We certainly enjoy and appreciate your efforts. All the best, Robert"

"Just thought I'd let you know that the DVDs arrived on May 8th. They are great! I can't wait for the Scotland one. Thanks! I'll be ordering again. Email you soon. Sincerely, L.J.C."

"What a wonderful idea! I lived in Europe for 32 years and now I am stateside. Your videos brought back so many memories that photos just can't do. Thank you, Margaret"

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We Also Sell:

In addition to our Cycling Scenery DVDs, we also offer Treadmill Scenery Walking and Jogging DVDs filmed all over the world.

Imagine getting on your Treadmill and experiencing Rome, Venice, London, Amalfi, the Isle of Capri, Scotland, Hawaii, and numerous other scenic locales, while exercising!

Well, you can excercise while "walking" in all these beautiful and historic locations - take a look at Our DVD Catalog and Prices.

Our Mission is to make Exercising Fun!